When my blood sugar levels take a serious drop,
and I’m not at home,
what helps is

  • scientifically developed
  • clinically tested
  • can be taken as an oral spray
  • convenient
  • easily used
  • fits in a small space

When using the i-Gluc spray, the dextrose solution sprayed under the tongue is quickly absorbed, and raises the blood sugar level
(5-10 sprays are recommended per occasion, depending on blood sugar level)

  • 1 spray bottle contains 12 gr of dextrose in liquid form
  • because of its easy absorption, can be used in emergency situations
  • fat free

The following symptoms can be caused by low blood sugar levels, which can be helped by

  • feeling of hunger
  • numbness around the mouth and tongue
  • sweating
  • fast pulse
  • anxiety
  • trembling

Have you noticed that, when dieting, you are often dizzy and irritable?
– these are symptoms of calorie and carbohydrate withdrawal.
In this situation, “excessive eating” may follow, to counterbalance the symptoms.
With the help of volunteers,
i-Gluc was studied in these situations and:

  • it quickly restores blood sugar levels
  • the withdrawal symptoms stop with only 2 calories taken in
  • appetite is decreased
  • blood sugar levels are restored to normal

Therefore it can be successfully used for dieting, to decrease hunger!

Price: 1690 HUF/piece

As of October 1, 2015, i-Gluc can be purchased in pharmacies which have a contract with Phoenix Wholesale Medicine Co. Ltd.!

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